MicroUSB Standard Now Backed by ITU

It’s going one step at a time, but we certainly can see progress is being made at a fast enough pace. We reported a couple weeks back that the CTIA has declared war on proprietary chargers and vowed to have every wireless device use a MicroUSB standard by 2012, and now we have another group that’s backing them up on this: the ITU.

The ITU, better known as the International Telecommunications Union, is the tech branch of the UN. Thus, having such an organization accepting one standard charger is again a huge step in the right direction.

Not only will it be nice for consumers to keep the same chargers for longer than 1-2 phones, it will greatly reduce waste from old chargers being thrown away. The ITU also mentioned this universal standard will be more energy efficient. “UCS chargers will also include a 4-star or higher efficiency rating – up to three times more energy-efficient than an unrated charger,” the ITU said in a statement.


It’s a win-win situation for everyone — except for manufacturers that have been used to making a pretty penny off proprietary chargers.

via PC Mag

Author: Brad Molen

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