Which Blackberry Devices are Getting 5.0?

Blackberry OS 5.0 is coming not only to new devices but several existing devices as well. If you’re anxiously awaiting this update, you’re surfing the interwebs to find out if your Blackberry is one of the chosen devices to receive the update.

Kevin from Crackberry was gracious enough to compile a list of Blackberry devices that will be updated. We did report yesterday that the Storm 9530 will be getting 5.0 updates Sunday, but what about the rest of the phones?

Here it is:

  • Bold 9000 series
  • Storm 9500 series
  • Tour 9630
  • Pearl Flip 8200 series
  • Curve 8330
  • Curve 8350i
  • Curve 8530
  • Curve 8900

Chances are there will be a lot of angry Curve 8300/8310/8320 users who won’t be getting a 5.0 update; the reason why the above devices will get it is because the OS will require sufficient memory — greater than 64 MB, to be exact — to perform efficiently. And sadly, early Curves and Pearls only have 64 MB max.


But as Kevin puts it, it’s probably better off not having 5.0 on those devices because it would just bog down the device’s performance. So would it really be worth upgrading to an OS that just gives you more hassle down the road? It’s doubtful.

There’s no guarantee that each wireless service provider will offer updates, so you may have to find other ways to update your device if necessary.

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via Crackberry

Author: Brad Molen

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