Vodafone Updates Touch Pro2 to WinMo 6.5

Any of you who have a HTC Touch Pro2 with Vodafone, we know you have been patiently waiting for your handset to get Windows Mobile 6.5. And finally Vodafone has an update ready for you to download.

What you’ll need to do to download 6.5 on your Touch Pro2 is follow this link leading you to a download site with some instructions on how to properly update it without losing information and totally screwing up your phone.

Also nice to know is that if you’re too concerned about updating it on your own and messing it up, just simply take it into a local store and they will update it for you.


The instructions are:

  • You need a broadband connection.
  • We recommend that you backup all important content – contacts, photos, ringtones, games etc – stored on your phone before you start.
  • You’ll need your phone’s USB cable. If you don’t have one you can buy one from your local Vodafone store.
  • You’ll also have to download an application to your PC.
  • Make sure your battery level is at least 50%, if not higher.

On the site is a PDF file that may include a couple other friendly reminders. We recommend being as thorough and prepared as possible when making such an important update.

Let us know how it works out!

via Vodafone

Author: Brad Molen

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