HTC Touch Diamond2 is Next to Get WinMo 6.5 Treatment

Just a couple nights ago we reported that Windows Mobile 6.5 has finally been getting some love by current 6.1 handsets such as Vodafone’s version of the HTC Touch Pro2. Now that love is starting to spread to other HTC products.

This particular update will be available for the Touch Diamond2, and not for just one carrier; it looks like it will be for most European countries.

For reference, here are the version numbers for each specific country.

                      Germany 2.16.407.1

                      Denmark 2.16.403.1

                      United Kingdom 2.16.405.4

                      Sweden 2.16.413.1

                      Norway 2.16.409.1

                      Portugal 2.16.410.1


HTC’s website has all the download details, but here are some words of warning before you perform the upgrade:

* Please note that this upgrade will erase any data stored on the device. Once you proceed with the upgrade, the system can not be downgraded again. 

* Please back up your data first before upgrading your device. Before you run the ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU), make sure you check and do the following:

* The USB sync cable is connected to your device and PC. If your PC is running Windows XP®, ActiveSync® will run automatically to establish a connection. If your PC is running Windows Vista™, then Windows Mobile Device Center will establish the connection between your device and PC.

* All running applications on the device have been closed.

* Make sure that the battery level of the device is at least 50%. To check, tap Start > Settings > System tab > Power.

* The update will take up to 30 minutes, DO NOT interrupt the update process, make/receive phone calls, disconnect the device from the PC, or press any buttons until the process has been completed.

Sidenote: Australia’s Telstra has also updated their HTC Snap to WinMo 6.5. Go here to get the download.

via WMExperts

Author: Brad Molen

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