InPulse Blackberry Watch is Official, Taking Pre-Orders Now

It’s been exactly a week since we heard more firm rumors about a Blackberry watch that went by the name of InPulse, and today we stumbled across the watch’s website and it is possible for you to pre-order it right now.

The watch isn’t actually a phone like the LG GD910 is. Instead, it is designed to connect wirelessly to your phone by BlueTooth, alerting you instantly to incoming emails, SMS and calls.

Crazy enough, however, the InPulse isn’t RIM-made by any means; it’s made by a company named Allerta. It just works best when paired up with a Blackberry running OS 4.3 or better.


The InPulse features a 1.3″ OLED screen, and is customized directly from your Blackberry. It will have a 4 day battery life.

You can pre-order your InPulse now at their site. While you don’t have to pluck down hard-earned cash quite just yet for the watch, expect to be paying $149 in February 2010 when the InPulse starts shipping.

via PhoneArena

Author: Brad Molen

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