Analyst Predicts Verizon iPhone Deal in 2010

The only way the “Verizon iPhone in 2010” rumor will go away is if by December 31, 2010 we still haven’t seen a Verizon iPhone. Otherwise, the rumor will stick around and offer continuous debate until we are completely sick of it.

Until that happens, we’ll still report the latest developments in that rumor. This latest go-round in the series of rumors is from Brian Marshall, an analyst for Broadpoint AmTech. In a research note, he predicts iPhone exclusivity will drop in the US and Verizon will pick it up, though at a different subsidy than AT&T currently uses.

Marshall predicts in contrast to the typical $400-450 subsidy AT&T provides to entice customers, Verizon would likely offer a $300 subsidy. In essence, Verizon’s iPhone would cost more to a new customer than one with AT&T.

While Marshall is positive this deal will happen, not every analyst shares his enthusiasm. Many argue that the recent Droid launch and future partnerships with Google will cause a rift between Verizon and Apple, thus keeping them from selling the iPhone anytime soon.


On top of that, other rumors point to Apple wanting to wait until Verizon’s LTE network is officially launched before offering the iPhone to the company. This could happen later in 2010, but it’s highly doubtful the LTE network would be running at full speed next summer (the time of year Apple has released each model of the iPhone thus far).

So who is right? Who is wrong? Frankly, analysts seem to think they know everything even while their associates may disagree with them completely. So I don’t look at analysts as portals to the future, but it is always intriguing to hear their professional opinions and predictions.

via Computerworld

Author: Brad Molen

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