Motorola to Launch 20+ Smartphones in 2010

So it appears the Motorola Droid is just the beginning of the company’s rebirth back into mobile phone prosperity, as indicated by a statement by CEO Sanjay Jha during the press announcement of the Droid yesterday.

At first Sanjay mentioned the number of new smartphones would be in “multiple tens”, before clarifying that at least 20 would be released.

This seems to be a rather good indication that Motorola is back on the right track, and is ready to pull some hefty competition on everyone else.

So here’s the thing: given Motorola’s dumping of virtually every OS but Android, we’re wondering how many of these 20+ smartphones will be Android and how many will be WinMo. We know Moto isn’t interested in 6.5 but most likely is waiting for 7 to come out; will it be a 50/50 split between WM7 and Android?


As you know, I love to speculate and ask questions. Only time will be able to answer those questions, but my hope is to spark conversation in our comments about this. My brain tells me it’s too soon for Motorola to make such a large commitment before posting some good quarterly numbers, but it shows that Moto is very confident in its future, and that should be applauded.

via Gearlog

Author: Brad Molen

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