Nokia to launch Qualcomm-based Symbian smartphone for AT&T

Remember Nokia’s plans to launch Qualcomm-based Symbian S60 smartphones in North America?

It turns out that one of these smartphones will be released through AT&T. Unfortunately, VentureBeat (the source of this rumor) doesn’t provide a launch date for the handset. However, since Nokia and Qualcomm said back in February that their first phones will be introduced in 2010, we should probably not expect AT&T to announce the rumored device this year.

There aren’t any clear details about this AT&T-bound handset, but Nokia and Qualcomm (which recently joined the Symbian Foundation) may want to use a Snapdragon processor for it.

Nokia ATT Symbian Qualcomm

Nokia released quite a few phones via AT&T this year, although none of them is high-end – the latest is the Nokia 6350, a cheap clamshell that’s offered for $30 on contract.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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