Sprint readies lots of HTC Android phones, BlackBerries, WiMax phones and more

Sprint announced quite a few interesting phones lately, including the Palm Pixi, Samsung Instinct HD, Samsung Intrepid, Samsung Moment and HTC Hero.

Well, the third largest US carrier prepares even more surprises for 2010.

According to GearLog, Sprint executive David Owens has just unveiled some of the carrier’s plans for next year.

Reportedly, Sprint plans to launch WiMax phones, plus lots of HTC and BlackBerry smartphones in 2010 – with the mention that the HTC ones will run Android and some BlackBerries will feature Wi-Fi.

Speaking of Android, Sprint says that handsets using Google’s OS “will get less expensive” as soon as more such handsets are released. Next year, the carrier might launch hybrid CDMA/GSM Android phones, and even an “Android phone with a built-in MiFi-type router.”

Sprint has also confirmed that Android updates will come to Samsung Moment and HTC Hero, although it’s not clear yet if we’re talking about Android 2.0.

Sprint-Android-HTC-Hero 2010

Despite all this Android talk, Sprint hasn’t forgotten about Windows Mobile. WM 6.5 updates should come in early 2010 to the HTC Touch Pro2 and other WM phones. Moreover, Sprint is eagerly waiting for Windows Mobile 7 devices, although their release obviously depends on Microsoft.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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