Samsung Saturn i6500 to be a new Android smartphone

Samsung currently has four Android phones (Galaxy i7500, Spica i5700, Moment and Behold II), and it looks like the fifth one is coming soon under the name of Samsung i6500 Saturn.

The i6500 Saturn has recently received its Wi-Fi interoperability certification (PDF link), so it will surely feature Wi-Fi.

According to, the rest of the phone’s features should be similar to the ones of Samsung Galaxy i7500, although its processor might be an 800MHz one rather than a 528MHz one. Reportedly, the i6500 runs Android 1.5, but it will probably be launched with Android 2.0.

Unfortunately, we can’t see what the Saturn i6500 looks like, since there are no available photos of it at the moment.

Samsung Saturn i6000

Samsung Saturn i6500 should be released sometime in 2010, for a retail price of around €300 ($442).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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