Over 50% of European consumers want a touch UI for their next phone. More than half who tried a touch UI don’t want it anymore

Touchscreen phones are becoming more and more popular with each month that passes by, and the latest survey unveiled by Canalys shows that more than 50% of consumers want their next phone to have a touch-based UI – well, at least in Western Europe (more exactly in France, Germany and the UK).

The survey shows that, from over 3,000 phone users, 38% would prefer a finger-based touchscreen phone, while 16% want a stylus-based touchscreen phone.

However, from the customers who have tried a touchscreen UI, only 47% would choose it again for their next phone.

Interestingly, most of those who tried touchscreen phones from Apple and HTC want to continue with touch UIs, while only 27% of the users who had Sony Ericsson touchscreen phones would stick to the same type of UI.

“The results suggest that consumer awareness of touchscreen UIs is very high, driven by the marketing of Apple, Samsung and others, and there is no doubt that the changes in device design we have seen over the past couple of years have produced some very exciting products. But it is also apparent that, with experience, a significant proportion of users have not been totally won over by some of these devices. This is to be expected, as it is quite a big shift for many users to make, but a poor experience with one touchscreen device may dissuade users from trying another one in the future and it is imperative that vendors focus on usability and practicality as well as visual appeal, and continue to enhance their interfaces. There has always been a question mark over how well touchscreens would work among an SMS-centric audience and the results indicate the transition has not been totally smooth,” declared Canalys senior analist Pete Cunningham.

Xperia X10

(Sony Ericsson Xperia X10)

Virtually all major phone makers have touchscreen handsets in their portfolio, and the years to come will probably see touch UIs getting closer to perfection. Will this lead to the extinction of classic cell phones? Probably not, but it’s obvious that the future isn’t made for non-touch handsets.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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