Nokia N900 is now shipping to Europe, Middle East, Russia and U.S

From the discussions on Twitter and, I get a feeling that there are a lot of frustrated fans eagerly awaiting the launch of Nokia N900 Maemo 5 handset.

And they have every right to be frustrated. Nokia announced the device in August with  promised the delivery in October. And, in the beginning of October it actually loaned 300+ N900s to developers at Maemo Summit and a number of bloggers, for us to crow and fawn what a great device we’ve got here. And doing a number of N900 meet-ups at Nokia stores around the world, where fans were allowed to touch it, but not keep it.

Then, with the October almost over and tons of handsets on pre-order, they said “Ooops…, we didn’t make it, we’ll have it sometime in November”. From various retailers and other sources we learned that it’s probably coming next week, both in Europe and U.S. and were pretty happy about it.

Nokia N900 official

But ten Nokia.UK folks started tweeting that they will have something for us this Monday (Nov. 9th) an we’ve got even happier, only to see Monday come and go, without a single Nokia N900 shipped. Which put even the next week’s launch in doubt… I thought we will have a rebellion of N900 fans yesterday, with mobs storming Nokia stores around the world demanding their new handsets.

Well, probably in part to calm the storm, Nokia CEO hastened to soothe the angry mob today, telling Reuters that Nokia N900 started shipping today.

There’s still a missing minor detail of where from they are shipping, and when  will the handsets actually reach the stores. BUT, HEY,  N900 IS SHIPPING!!!

So those rumored Nov. 14th-16th launch dates seems good, for now.

And Nokia Conversations blog gives us more details about the places where N900 is going: Europe, the Middle-East, Russia and North America. Well, not too detailed again, but it seems that most of Asia and Australia are out of luck for now. The rest, keep your fingers crossed.

Other tidbits – Nokia N900 will be around 500 EUR contract free, and, in many places will have some sweet contract deals.

Also, for now, N900 is not compatible with 3G SIM cards from 3 network in UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Austria, but Nokia promises the firmware patch by the end of the year to fix that.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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