Sony Ericsson to close four facilities, fire 2000 people

Sony Ericsson is getting ready to fire about 2,000 employees worldwide and close four of its facilities.

The affected locations will include two facilities in the US (the Research Triangle Park facility in North Carolina, and a small Miami facility), plus operations in Chennai (India) and Kista (Sweden).

The Research Triangle Park facility will be closed sometime in the second half of 2010, when Sony Ericsson’s North American headquarters will be moved to Atlanta. Some employees will be offered the chance to apply for jobs in other locations, while others will receive severance packages.

Sony Ericsson building 1

Sony Ericsson is currently the world’s fourth largest phone maker, behind Nokia, Samsung and LG, but ahead of Motorola. The company hopes to re-conquer its lost market share with new handsets planned for a 2010 – including the Android-based Xperia X10.

Via Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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