LG GT540, Another Android Device, Peeks its Head Out

C’mon, little Android handset, don’t be shy; just because you have 10 or so cousins that decided to come out to play before you did doesn’t mean you’re any less important. You just have higher expectations, that’s all.

The Android device I speak of is called the GT540, which just popped up in a user agent profile, an internal document of sorts that is essentially made for most upcoming devices. This would be the second Android that LG can put its name on, of course preceded by the GW620 which would likely have similar specs.


But of course, nothing is known about the smartphone device. All that really is known is that it will have a touchscreen, probably with 320×480 resolution, and will have GSM/EDGE/HSDPA capabilities. Naturally it’s too early to guess when we’ll see this thing come to light and what kinds of specs it will have when the time comes.

via Tweakers

Author: Brad Molen

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