Mobile users want Google and Facebook on their phones

A new report from Strategy Analytics indicates that Google and Facebook are the two most wanted features among mobile phone users in 2009.

Users are ”considerably more interested” in having mobile access to Google, rather than to Microsoft’s Bing search engine – but that’s not actually a surprise, since Bing was launched only recently.

Knowing this, Google’s own phone (the Nexus One, which should be released in January 2010) is likely to be a hit – although this will depend on pricing (and not only).

As for Facebook, mobile users seem to like it more than MySpace and Twitter (although, well, Twitter is not exactly in the same league as the other two social networking sites). Samsung is doing a great job in providing direct access to these three services via its TouchWiz UI (this is certainly one of the reasons why its touchscreen phones are so popular), and it will probably also do it via the new bada OS.

Google facebook

Moving on to television channels, mobile users in the US want to see FOX, Comedy Central and HBO on their phones, while those in the UK prefer BBC1 and Sky Movies.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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