Nexus One trademarked by Google, appears in video

Google has recently trademarked the Nexus One name, which means that its first own Android smartphone will most probably be released under this official moniker.

To further validate this assumption, the Nexus One has appeared in the first (ever) video preview.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to see in the video, save for a nice start-up boot sequence, the Android logo and a “Welcome to Nexus One” message. But it’s more than enough to confirm (not that it was actually needed) the existence of the handset.

Google Nexus One Android trademark

There’s still no official word from Google regarding the launch of Nexus One, but it’s said that the smartphone may be available as soon as January 5, 2010, first unlocked and then via T-Mobile USA.

Via Androidos, TheNexusOne

Author: Ilinca Nita

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