Nokia 5233, Samsung C3630, Philips X605 and X100 show up

We’ve got four unannounced (and unseen until now) phones to show you today, coming from two giant manufacturers and a not so giant one: Nokia 5233, Samsung C3630, Philips X605 and Philips X100.

The Nokia 5233 seems to be yet another version of the Nokia 5230 (joining the 5235 Comes With Music).

It’s not clear yet what are the  novelties the 5233 brings, but most of its features are probably similar to the ones the 5230 has: 3.2 inches touchscreen display with 360 x 640 pixels, GPS, 3.5mm headset jack and a 2MP camera.

Nokia 5233

Next we have the Samsung C3630 / C3630C, a candybar that should be released via China Mobile. We don’t know much about the C3630, but it seems to be a mid to low-end handset:

Samsung  GT-C3630C C3630

Moving on, the Philips Xenium X605 is a touchscreen phone with a 3.2MP autofocus camera and an alphanumeric keypad:

Philips X605

Philips X605 open

And finally, the Philips X100 is a camera-less phone that should be really cheap:

Philips X100

There’s also a new photo of the Android-powered Motorola XT701, which may or may not be the rumored Motorola Sholes Tablet:

Motorola XT701 Sholes Tablet

No info yet about the release dates of these new handsets.

Via Mobile-review

Author: Ilinca Nita

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