WebOS 1.3.5 already available for Sprint’s Palm Pre?

Sprint is officially saying that WebOS 1.3.5 should be available for the Palm Pre starting today (December 28).

The carrier mentions some of the new things that WebOS 1.3.5 (build 194) brings, and these include: battery life improvement (“when in marginal coverage areas”); QCELP (Qualcomm PureVoice) fix, enabling audio for video sent via MMS; you can now launch Sprint Nav or Google Maps by tapping an address from contacts; downloads over 2G connections are possible.

Some other enhancements should be included in WebOS 1.3.5, although Sprint doesn’t say anything about them. For example, according to PreCentral, the new version of the OS will let users “download and store more applications.”

Palm Pre Sprint WebOS 135

Palm’s official website still lists WebOS 1.3.1 as the latest-available software for Sprint’s Pre, but that will probably be changed soon.

Update: Palm now shows the complete list of changes for WebOS 1.3.5.

Via Sprint

Author: Ilinca Nita

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