LG announces DTV-capable LG Lotus for the US

Launched by Sprint in October 2008, the LG Lotus has been upgraded with a digital TV (DTV) chip and re-announced for North America, alongside a portable DVD player called LG DP570MH.

The new devices use the LG2160A ATSC-M/H chip that will also be used in products from Dell, Kenwood and Hyundai Kia Motors.

Apart from supporting the ATSC-M/H standards and having an external mobile TV antenna, the new LG Lotus is similar to the original phone, featuring a QVGA internal display, QWERTY keypad, 2MP camera and MicroSD card slot.


Both the DTV-ready LG Lotus and the LG DP570MH portable DVD player will be showcased by LG at CES 2010 – where the company is also getting ready to launch a completely new and stylish phone, also for Sprint (possibly the LG Lotus 2 or the LG Prada III).

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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