Motorola Shadow / Mirage – new Android phone with 4.3 inch WVGA display

Motorola’s seriously betting on the Chinese mobile market (the largest in the world), as it’s getting ready to launch yet another high-end Android handset there, to join the Motorola XT800, Motorola MT710 and Motorola XT701.

While the three models mentioned above have 3.7 inch WVGA displays, the Shadow / Mirage apparently has a 4.3 inch WVGA one, which would make it the HTC HD2 of the Android world.

Display aside, the handset’s other (rumored) specs are really nice, too: HDMI port, 8MP camera and HD (1080p) video playback – all in a 9mm thin case.

Unfortunately, there’s only one (incomplete) rendering of the Motorola Shadow / Mirage:

Motorola Shadow Mirage Android China

As for the phone’s release date, this is a total mystery, but more details will probably appear soon.

Via BGR, mobile01

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • taylorlauder

    We hope that Motorola will make good android and reincarnate their brand finally. I think that they don’t invest money into development. After iphone all companies just wakeup.
    .. so they are doing this to ressurect the dying moto company? More details about the shadowy phone:

  • Mark

    Why does HTC need to have 2 names for every phone? Do the US phone networks demand the right to name the phone in the US, and then HTC gives it a different name for the rest of the world?

    But it's good news that HTC will have yet another Android phone on the market. This means that its Android Vs Windows Mobile percentage will be weight even more in favor of Android than before.

    HTC's previous large phone, the HTC HD2, was a bit of a waste running the old Windows Mobile OS, which couldn't take advantage of the hardware features. HTC's Android-based phones are much much better.

  • Duddeeeeeee

    The shadow isn't HTC it's motorola….

  • Duddeeeeeee

    The shadow isn't HTC it's motorola….