The first Google Nexus One review shows up

Google’s Nexus One Android smartphone is, of course, not yet officially announced, but the first review of it has already appeared on the Web.

Sure enough, we’ve seen many leaked photos, videos and previews of the handset, but this is the first time when an actual review is published (at the NexusOne blog) – although it’s missing some important parts.

As you’ve probably heard before, the Google Nexus One is thinner than the iPhone and you have to actually touch it and hold it in your hands to see that it feels “incredible”.

Also incredible is the Nexus One’s 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen display when it comes to image quality and crispness. Unfortunately, for some reason Google didn’t include multitouch into this phone.

The Nexus One comes with 10 Live Wallpapers – which you can choose to put on the homescreen. They don’t actually do anything useful, but they’re animated and that’s why they’re cool. Even with an animated wallpaper, the phone is very fast – thanks to the 1GHz Snapdragon processor and the 512MB of RAM.

Google Nexux One review 1

Google Nexux One review 2

Google Nexux One review 3

Google Nexux One review 5

Google Nexux One review 6

Google Nexux One review 7

The handset obviously features a 3.5mm headset jack. It was tested with several headsets, and it looks like “the sound quality is on par with the iPhone” – thus “average.” The Nexus One’s speaker (located on the back) is also “pretty good.”

The Nexus One’s battery is on par with the iPhone’s – it died after 12 hours of heavy usage.

Google Nexux One review 8

Google Nexux One review 4

According to the reviewer, the 5MP camera featured by the Google Nexus One is not as good as the iPhone 3GS’ camera, because it doesn’t use “natural colors” and you “have to play around with the settings more to get the perfect picture”.

Even so, the Google Nexus One is probably the best Android smartphone until now. And speaking of which, here’s a benchmark test with the Nexus One vs. Motorola Droid (graphics, CPU, Memory and Filesystem):

benchmark-test-google nexus-one-vs-motorola-droid

A downside of the Nexus One would be the fact that the Android Market still hasn’t got great games – like the App Store has. Anyway, I’m sure that there will soon be lots of iPhone-like games for Android, especially after more awesome hardware like the Nexus One has will be launched.

There are many other nice things included in the Nexus one, like the voice to text option, proximity sensor, and the Car Home app – read about them in the full review found at the NexusOne blog.

And remember, Google is hosting an Android event tomorrow, January 5, 2010, and it’s likely that it will officially announce the Nexus One then.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Nancy

    Question…does this mean that it can be used on Verizon or just as T Mobile?

  • John in Cincy

    Android has emulators. It doesn't need app games. You get thousands of games for free instead.

  • Ger

    no it doesnt work verizon they dont use sim cards so dont get your hopes up! verizon sucks.
    will work in tmobile all bands even 3g, at&t only with edge speeds, although their might be a 3g version coming out soon!

  • Gee

    Verizon is better phone service than whatever you use.

  • taylorlauder

    T mob only. Rumors suggest it will be open for AT&T as well. There are many questions regarding the price of Nexus One: One is “why's the price of this phone on the 500's usd instead of the predicted 300? Perhaps this is the way of Google to balance out its impending domination to other android devices?

    On the contrary you can't deny how BIG G carefully picked up, iphone's falling crumbs and used it to their advantage. And now Google is doing what Apple should have done for the past 2 years: That is to Share your phone to the world.

    Google Phone Detailed Opinions:

  • Ha

    Actually there is a cdma version coming shorty to verizon in the next month or 2. So you obviously dont know what you are talking about

  • techietrick
    a good review on Nexus One versus iPhone!

  • joyjim1234557

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  • joyjim1234557

    wow this is great reviews
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    they allso have kool reviews more info