#CES2010: T-Mobile Officially Gets HTC HD2

Tonight’s press events at CES 2010 really aren’t bringing much in the form of surprise. Most of what we’ve seen so far have been leaked out long before this week’s CES hoopla, and this particular tidbit is likewise no shocker at all. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, announced during his keynote address tonight that T-Mobile USA would be getting the HD2 sometime this spring.

We reported on this news a couple weeks ago, except now it’s as official as it could ever be.

This is incredibly exciting news for fans of T-Mobile, since this device has been ALMOST as hyped up over the last four months as the Nexus One. Almost. And both devices will now be available at the carrier. Admittedly, the competition is starting to get intense between all four major US carriers in terms of which devices are being sold.


We anticipate the HD2 will come out this Spring because T-Mobile wants to give the Nexus One plenty of time to shine in the spotlight before introducing another top-notch device; and especially around the time that Verizon will be coming out with the Nexus One, not to mention a rumored iPhone in June.

What do you think so far about the HD2? Is it worth passing on the Nexus One for?

Author: Brad Molen

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