#CES 2010: Dell shows off Android tablet with 5-inch display, maybe for AT&T

Remember that Dell Android MID rumored to be hitting AT&T? Well, Dell has confirmed it today – although it doesn’t call it MID, but tablet, and it doesn’t say it’s for AT&T.

Dell has officially presented some renderings of the tablet (or slate, since this term is en vogue these days), but it didn’t give too many details about it, saying that it’s only a “5-inch tablet concept” with a 5MP camera, and that it should hit the market this year.

The Dell tablet has a SIM card slot, so it really could be launched by AT&T, especially since the Texas-based company has recently confirmed that its Dell Mini 3 Android smartphone is also heading to the second largest US carrier.

Here are the official Dell tablet renderings:

Dell Streak Android slate 2

Dell Streak Android slate

Dell Streak Android slate 3

And some live photos, via Pocket-lint:

Dell Streak Android tablet

Dell Streak Android tablet 2

Dell Streak Android tablet 3

Dell Streak Android tablet 4

Dell didn’t announce a price for its Android tablet / slate, but I guess it will be a pretty high one.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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