#CES 2010: Emblaze Mobile Shows Off Else Intuition, New Linux OS

A new potential smartphone player is showing off its premiere gadget at CES 2010. And it’s made by a small unknown company.

The story of Emblaze Mobile is not well known around the mobile industry. Truly one of the mobile underdogs out there, the Israeli-based company hasn’t had much of a track record for smartphones. It raised a lot of money, bought a bunch of companies, and never really has made much of a profit even though the company’s been around for over a decade. Only two smartphones have even seen the light of day as prototypes: the Edelweiss and Monolith (For the full story, go here).

While the Edelweiss didn’t find a “suitor” and just faded into the night without any success, the Monolith has some promise. Especially now that it is being exhibited at CES under the name “Else Emblaze”, or “Else Intuition”. It was built by Sharp and has a Linux-based touchscreen OS licensed by Access, and offers quite a few respectable features, not to mention adding in the uniqueness factor.

Some of the basic specs of the Else Emblaze include 3.47″ touchscreen with 480×854 res, OMAP 3430 processor, 16 GB internal memory, 5 MP camera, and GPS.

As for the OS, it’s brought to us by Access and is Linux-based. Palm essentially turned down this OS in order to develop WebOS, so we’re not sure if that dooms Access’s OS or not; but if it’s any indication of interest or popularity, this is one of the first times we’ve seen it in action.Emblaze’s focus on this smartphone was to keep things as basic as possible, and didn’t want to throw fluff in that the user would never use.

Check out some of the pics below to see exactly what the Else Emblaze is all about.


Gizmodo has a good point about this device. While Emblaze is optimistic about its chances getting in with US carriers, it’s facing a very difficult uphill battle. For one, Apple and Google already have extremely strong footholds in the US with stable, well-known OS that have thousands of competent apps available for them. This n00b OS from Access doesn’t have a SDK available for it yet, and would take quite a while for anyone to give it any sort of attention or respect. So while we are fascinated by the device itself, we wish Emblaze the best of luck though we expect it to walk the same path as the Edelweiss.

via Gizmodo; photos courtesy Gizmodo

Author: Brad Molen

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