Sony Ericsson Robyn appears again, may come in many colors

That mini version of the Xperia X10, which currently goes by the name of Sony Ericsson Robyn, has appeared in new photos, standing next to Apple’s iPhone.

We still don’t have too many exact details about the features of Sony Ericsson Robyn, but it looks like it will come with a 5MP camera, Wi-Fi and a 3.5mm headset jack. Regardless of its features, one thing’s clear: the phone is interesting.

Most probably running Android, the Robyn seems to have a QVGA touchscreen display (since it’s too small for higher resolutions).

Sony Ericsson Robyn Android iPhone

Sony Ericsson Robyn Android iPhone 2

Sony Ericsson Robyn Android iPhone 3

Another leaked image of the Robyn shows it to have at least four color versions (black, white, pink and yellow – lime), so I believe that the phone might be Sony Ericsson’s response to handsets like the Samsung Corby.

Sony Ericsson Robyn Android colors

No word yet on when Sony Ericsson plans to officially announce the Robyn, or if the handset will be launched under this name.

Via PointGPhone, AllAboutPhones

Author: Ilinca Nita

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