Sprint’s 2010 Roadmap Leaked, HTC WiMax and iDEN Android Devices Included

Some unconfirmed leaked documents made its way down the pipeline into the hands of PhoneArena today, which shows a rather lengthy list of several new devices expected to be headed to Sprint at any point this year. While we don’t know the validity of the information, we still want to let you be the judge of the latest news out there.

There are a few handsets that were to be expected, while a couple took us by surprise. In all its leaked glory, here is the list.

First, HTC is supposedly coming out with the A9292, which is a WiMax-powered candybar. WiMax has been pretty much confined to laptop cards and the Overdrive router up until this point, so it’s nice to see handheld devices coming to Sprint that have 4G attached.

In RIM’s corner, we see the Blackberry Tour 2 (9650) will be coming with WiFi and OS 5.0. This has already been widely speculated and expected to happen. Also to be released is a Pearl Flip with “upgraded features”, whatever that means.

Motorola is planning on a MS400 device that may or may not be on a Microsoft-based OS. Since Motorola has publicly stated it will be skipping the WM 6.5 party to get ready for WM7, not to mention having heard reports that WM7 will be coming out by the end of the year, we expect this MS400 to be Windows Mobile 7.

Lastly on the surprise list is a Motorola Android device that will run on Nextel’s iDEN network, tentatively named the Motorola i1. Interestingly enough, it’s a full touchscreen that’s only running 1.6 and will have a 5 MP camera. Since it will run on 1.6, we certainly hope this is sooner in 2010 rather than later.


Also on the list:

  • LG LN510: Touchscreen with QWERTY keyboard, in blue, purple and red
  • LG LN240: texting phone with no EVDO support
  • LG LS680: Android device similar to GW620
  • Samsung M350: basic touchscreen phone
  • Samsung M570: Exclaim 2?
  • Samsung M910: Moment 2?
  • Palm C40: no information or rumors available on this one, though it’s been seen in Sprint’s inventory system already
  • Sanyo 8600: don’t know, don’t care
  • Samsung Instinct S30 Pink, Reclaim Grey and M330 Blue
  • Motorola i680: rugged military-grade with 2 MP camera
  • Motorola i890: no information available

If anyone has any information on any of these new handsets, please let us know. Or if you have opinions, make them heard!

via PhoneArena

Author: Brad Molen

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