Gigabyte to make Android phones, too?

While reporting about the launch of A688 – a new Android handset made by Foxconn for the Taiwanese mobile carrier Vibo – DigiTimes has also implied that computer maker Gigabyte may be interested to manufacture Android smartphones, too.

Of course, Gigabyte already has smartphones, but all of them run Windows Mobile (the latest-announced being the GSmart S1200).

Reportedly, Gigabyte and another Taiwanese company (AboCom Systems) are both in talks with Vibo for producing handsets based on Google’s Android platform, although there’s nothing certain at this moment.

Since Gigabyte makes Linux-based MIDs (like the 4.8 inch Gigabyte M528 seen in the photo below), the company can surely make Android devices as well.

Gigabyte M528 Android

Speaking of the M528, some Taiwanese developer has ported Android on it last year, as you can see in the video below:

And – in case you’re interested – here’s what the aforementioned Vibo A688 looks like:

Vibo A688 Android 3

Vibo A688 Android 2

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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