Motorola Backflip Launching March 7 on AT&T?

Mark this date on your calendar, Android fans: March 7. Phandroid is reporting from the infamous “anonymous tipster” that we’ll be seeing AT&T, the 4th and last major US carrier to sell Android, launch the long-awaited Motorola Backflip on that particular date.

The Backflip, a rather unique and crazily-designed reverse flip touchscreen phone that was officially announced at CES, will be a good alternative to the ever-popular iPhone; especially if AT&T loses exclusivity with Apple.

Phandroid reports that the handset will retail for $324 (I assume they mean $324.99 to be specific), thus causing the subsidized price to be much lower and more reasonable. The Backflip would likely do very well in that price range, but if sold for a higher cost it would not be as popular with the targeted younger demographic.


Obviously with this being a rumor, we don’t know for sure if this date. And frankly, even if we knew for sure that was the planned date, it’s always subject to change depending on network tests and other preliminary events that could get in the way. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

We also don’t know for sure that this will be the absolute first Android device to be released on AT&T, but it’s the first rumor we’ve heard so far so we’re reporting it as the first; at least until another device gets rumored to come out sooner.

via Phandroid

Author: Brad Molen

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