New iPhone to have Magic Mouse-like touch-sensitive case

As the summer of 2010 gets closer and closer, more and more speculations and rumors about Apple’s new iPhone show up.

The latest rumor comes from Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs analyst Robert Chen, and implies that the fourth generation iPhone (possibly called iPhone 4G) will feature a touch-sensitive case, somewhat similar to the case the Apple Magic Mouse has.

Moreover, the new iPhone may also feature a 5MP camera and will bring “a lot of innovation, not just on the hardware, but also on the software.”

Unsurprisingly, Apple didn’t officially confirm anything about its new iPhone.

“We’re not going to comment on rumors and speculation,” declared Apple spokesman Steve Dowling.

iPhone 4G multitouch case

As previously reported, the new iPhone should be launched by Apple in June or July. No word yet on its price, but the Cupertino company will probably stick to the current pricing: $200 and $300 (assuming that there will be two new iPhone models).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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