LG president says Windows Mobile is “rather unqualified in mobile interfaces”

Although in early 2009 LG said that it would launch about 20 new Windows Mobile smartphones, the South Korean company has clearly lost some interest in Microsoft’s OS.

In a recent interview with Korea Times, LG Mobile president and CEO Skott Ahn declared that they do plan to introduce 20 smartphones this year, but half of them will run Android (like the LG GT540 Swift)

The reason for this is not only the high demand for Android devices, but also the fact that, according to Skott Ahn, “MS Windows Mobile operating system is rather unqualified in mobile interfaces.”

Even so, LG’s partnership with Microsoft will not end. Its new handsets that won’t run Android will be based on either Linux or Windows Mobile – and the first new WM 6.5 LG phone should be launched this month.

LG GW550 Windows Mobile 65

(LG GW550 with WM 6.5, announced last year)

Skott Ahn also mentioned that LG intends to release “smartphones with more affordable prices”. Furthermore, the company is in search for “a key flagship smartphone model that could sell over 10 million units.” Of course, LG already sold a handset in more than 10 million units last year, but it’s not a smartphone – it’s the LG Cookie, a cheap featurephone.

LG’s CEO said nothing about Windows Mobile 7, though.

Anyway, with WM 7 possibly delayed to 2011, things don’t look too bright for Microsoft this year (even if it launches Windows Mobile 6.6 at MWC in February), as more and more important manufacturers choose Android or other platforms instead of its OS.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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