New Nokia patent application hints at phones with flexible displays

One of Nokia’s most recent patent applications (filed on January 14 2010) describes a small mobile device that’s “physically flexible” and thus also has a flexible display.

This reminds us of the Nokia Morph – seen two years ago as a concept phone. Nokia didn’t say back then when a Morph-like phone would be available, but, seeing the new patent application, such a device might be closer to launch than we think.

The patent, filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, talks about a “user interface, a device and a method for an improved user interaction, and in particular to a user interface, a device and a method for an improved user interaction through the use of a flexible display.”

More exactly, Nokia’s idea is to make a handset that can answer to your needs depending on how you’re changing its shape. For example, if you bend the device to resemble a can (like in the image below), it should search for nearby pubs and bars. If you bend the device to resemble a bowl, it should give you a list with the closest restaurants. Similarly, when bent like “a roof or a tent”, the handset should search for hotels or establishments alike.

Nokia flexible UI patent

Well, the whole idea is certainly interesting. However, even if Samsung announced last year that flexible AMOLED displays are almost ready for mass production, it will probably take several years until a handset like the one Nokia plans to make hits the market.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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