Nokia wins patent dispute with IPCom in the UK

The UK High Court has recently ruled in favor of Nokia in a patent dispute with German company IPCom – which sued Nokia and HTC a few years ago over alleged patent infringements.

IPCom still believes that Nokia is infringing some of its patents in the UK, so it will appeal the ruling.

In December last year, IPCom won suits against both Nokia and HTC, as a German court declared that the two phone makers are using patent technologies held by IPCom. This led to IPCom’s request to ban Nokia and HTC phones in Germany. However, the request is still pending final decisions.

Nokia IPCom UK patent

IPCom currently holds about 160 patent families, some of which are related to GSM, GPRS and UMTS technologies. The company bought them from Bosch, one of Germany’s largest corporations, which created its mobile telephony patent portfolio between mid 1980’s and 2000.

Via Reuters

Author: Ilinca Nita

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