Versace luxury phones coming soon from ModeLabs

ModeLabs, the company behind handsets like the TAG Heuer Meridiist and the Christian Dior clamshell, announced that it has teamed-up with Italian fashion label Versace in order to launch a range of new luxury phones.

The first Versace phone will be showcased in Paris this month, although it won’t be available until spring this year.

There aren’t many technical details about the upcoming Versace mobile phone, but ModeLabs says it will be built out of exclusive materials and mix the “latest mobile phone technology” with the “glamour, elegance and originality” specific to the Versace brand.

Versace luxury phone ModeLabs

The price of ModeLabs’ Versace luxury phone was not announced – but I guess it can’t be higher than the price of the diamond-clad Nokia Supreme (about $160,000).

In addition to Versace luxury handsets, ModeLabs may also launch LaCoste phones this year.

Via Press release (PDF, in French)

Author: Ilinca Nita

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