New Apple iPhone 4G concept is fairly realistic

Whether it will be called iPhone 4G or not, a new Apple iPhone is almost certainly going to be released this year – most probably in June or July, although, who knows, maybe Apple will surprise everyone and unveil its new smartphone during the January 27 event in San Francisco.

But before this to happen, we’ve spotted a new iPhone 4G concept that might be quite close to the real thing – not too different from the iPhone 3GS, but still different enough.

Alongside this new iPhone 4G concept come the features that have been rumored (since last year) to be included into it:

  • AMOLED touchscreen display
  • Touch-sensitive case
  • Dual-core processor
  • More RAM
  • More internal memory (64GB?)
  • Video-call camera
  • 5MP camera (possibly with flash)

Apple iPhone 4G 2010 concept

Apple iPhone 4G 2010 concept features

(renderings by Siluko)

And let’s not forget about iPhone 4.0 OS, which should bring UI enhancements and “multi-touch gestures OS-wide.”

So, what do you think, would a new iPhone like the one seen above interest you?

Via  Nowhere Else

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • rewdly

    Liking the looks of the phone, though I'd like to see a bit less of the chrome ring, narrower/thinner, possibly restricted to two edges instead of four and also possibly going to a brushed stainless or black/black scheme. The tech upgrades would be welcome.

  • den

    I hope the camera will be in HD like the ones in sony's

  • ak2k9

    yes yes yes yes yes…i would buy if it was like that in a hearbeat!!!

  • Technology Blog

    I'm liking the chrome around the sides of the handset – but ultimately, you'll only buy a case for it anyway and it just looks like a 3GS without them. It doesn't really look much different. I would be more interested in an iPhone Nano 3G 😀 that would be slick. I actually sold my iPhone 3G because it was too big, and with news tha the next iPhone will be bigger I will stick with my Pre. Apple obviously want to be the HTC HD2 with the dimensions they have lined up.

    Thanks for the concept, I haden't seen this one yet.


    Jakk Ogden

  • Robert

    not this year ,this year is Google year m8
    i weit NexusOne

  • Robert

    not this year ,this year is Google year m8
    i weit NexusOne