The world’s first LTE network fails to live up to expectations?

Launched by TeliaSonera in December 2009 (only in Oslo and Stockholm for the beginning), the world’s first commercial 4G / LTE network doesn’t seem to be as awesome as users have expected.

The folks over at Northstream (a Swedish-based management consulting firm) have recently run “countless tests” with the Samsung GT-B3710 LTE modem – the only LTE modem available at the moment.

They were disappointed to find out that – even outdoor, where they had full signal strength – download speeds “never exceeded 12Mbps”, although, back in December, speeds of up to 100Mbps in downlink were promised.

Upload speeds, however, managed to reach 5Mbps, which was “more impressive.”

Northstream also mentions that there were “rather frequent drops in services”. However, the whole early-LTE experience was deemed to be a positive one. Even so, the testers said that, for the moment, they’re still relying on their HSPA modem rather than the LTE one, since it provides similar peak rates “but without the drops.”

Telia 4G LTE

I guess that users will still have to wait a few years to enjoy the full capabilities of LTE. Until then, maybe 3 Scandinavia’s 84Mbps HSPA network will do a better job.

Via Cellular-news

Author: Ilinca Nita

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