Google’s Android to become the world’s no. 2 mobile OS by 2013, trailing Symbian

It’s quite hard to predict what the mobile market will look like in a few years, but this doesn’t stop various analysts and companies to make forecasts.

For example, IDC believes that smartphone sales will surpass 390 million units by 2013.

Symbian will still be the market leader, thanks to Nokia’s strength around the world (well, save for the US, where Nokia’s far from being a top brand).

IDC expects Android to become the no. 2 mobile OS by 2013, with about 68 million smartphones sold. iPhone OS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile will obviously trail both Symbian and Android.

Linux mobile shipments “will trend down”, while Palm’s WebOS will “capture limited market share” (despite a steady growth), because of “limited deployment and availability of devices across multiple carriers.”

Symbian Android 2013

These forecasts seem reasonable enough, and I’m almost sure that Symbian and Google’s Android will indeed be market leaders in 2013, despite serious competition coming from Apple and BlackBerry.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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