Sharp solar-powered phone (SH6230C) coming to China, other global markets

Sharp, one of Japan’s largest mobile phone makers, announced the upcoming availability of the solar-powered Sharp SOLAR HYBRID SH6230C in China.

The company has already released solar-powered phones in Japan last year, but this is the first time when it launches such a handset outside its home market.

The Sharp SH6230C is a clamshell that features a 2.9 inch internal display, a 5MP camera with autofocus, and “Sharp’s proprietary solar cell module.” The phone will be available in China starting February, for a price that should be announced later on.

Leveraging on the increasing demand for solar-powered devices, Sharp will introduce its new phone in other global markets, too (although it didn’t say where exactly).

Sharp SH6230C solar powered China 2

Sharp SH6230C solar powered China

Alongside the SOLAR HYBRID SH6230C, Sharp also plans to launch other two phones in China: the SH6220C and SH6228C, which feature Memory LCD – “a low-power-consuming display with high visibility under the daylight.”

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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