WAPI-capable iPhone in the making for China Unicom

China Unicom officially launched Apple’s iPhone in October 2009, but without Wi-Fi, as some government regulations don’t allow this feature to be included into the handset.

A solution would be for the iPhone to have WAPI (China’s own Wi-Fi technology), and it looks like WAPI-capable iPhones are currently being developed by Foxconn – which manufactures many products for Apple (probably the new iPad, too).

According to PCPOP, the WAPI iPhone is codenamed N90, and there’s another new codename – N88 – for Apple’s fourth generation iPhone that should be released around the world later this year.


Reportedly, China Unicom sold about 200,000 iPhones until now. There’s no word yet on when the WAPI-ready iPhone will be available, and neither for what price.

Via Cloned in China

Author: Ilinca Nita

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