Samsung S8500 to be First Phone With Bluetooth 3.0

Roughly ten months after its announcement, Bluetooth 3.0 is taking one giant step closer to becoming a real force on a consumer-grade phone. The first phone to receive the honor of having the new tech is called the Samsung S8500, and will be launched later this year with unspecified times, locations and price.

All that’s really known so far about the Samsung S8500 is made known to us by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which just approved 3.0 on this particular handset. Confirmed is that it’s a 3.1″ touchscreen with AMOLED and Touchwiz interface. It will for sure be a quad-band EDGE/GPRS phone but we suspect it will be 3G capable.

So what is Bluetooth 3.0 about, and why should we care? Compared to 2.1, 3.0’s transfer speeds will be quite improved; 3.0 will be capable of 24 Mbps, compared to 3 Mbps in the older version. 3.0 also includes use of the 802.11 standard to help with the high speed transport.

bluetooth3So take away from it what you will. If it’s making waves right now, chances are we may be seeing this poke its head out at MWC. We’ll cross our fingers for it.

via PhoneScoop

Link to Bluetooth SIG specs page

Author: Brad Molen

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