New BlackBerries (Magnum? Pearl 9100?) and software upgrades coming from RIM this spring

RIM is reportedly getting ready to launch two new BlackBerry smartphones this spring (the North American / European spring).

According to The Street, one of the devices might resemble the BlackBerry Bold, but come with a “long-awaited, touch-enabled Web-friendly operating system” (thus a touchscreen), as well as with a full QWERTY keyboard. This might be the rumored BlackBerry Magnum / Dakota – or a newer handset based on it.

Reportedly, RIM officials are really happy with the new touch and Web-friendly operating system – although there aren’t any concrete details about it.

blackberry Bold Magnum Dakota touch

(this is what the new touch-friendly BlackBerry may look like; photo via BGR)

The second upcoming RIM smartphone is a 3G BlackBerry Pearl with an optical trackpad – most likely, this is the Pearl 9100 that we recently saw in some leaked photos.

Well, now let’s wait for RIM to confirm all this.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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