Mobile Devs Bring Multiplayer Cross-Platform Games to iPhone and Android

So you have an iPhone and want to play your favorite game against some of your friends. Sadly, however, all the other kiddies on the block have a Motorola DROID. You’re out of luck — actually, not so much anymore.

The frustration caused by lack of cross-platform multiplayer gaming may not be experienced for much longer, now that the Android Market is releasing countless apps that are already available on the iPhone. The key is to be able to take the same apps on both platforms and still be able to link them together.

Not all mobile games will have this ability up front, but we have just received word of the very first instance of such a cross-platform partnership in “Homerun Battle 3D”, a homerun derby-style game. Here is a video proving that an iPhone and a DROID are playing against each other.

We know that this is just the first of many apps that will have this capability. We also know there will be several devs with the knowledge and willpower to make this happen not just on iPhone and Android, but WebOS, Blackberry, Windows and other smartphone platforms as well. The question is, will many devs opt to update their already existing apps to interact this way? It would make a lot of sense; imagine how many more people would purchase Tetris if they knew they could battle their Nexus One buddies to a duel.

via IntoMobile

Author: Brad Molen

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