Motorola Milestone “Coming Soon” to Canada, Sans Manitoba and Saskatchewan

The Motorola Milestone has been on course to launch on TELUS in Canada in early 2010, so this isn’t necessarily breaking news in that sense, but IntoMobile has a couple of additional nuggets of information to throw in the mix.

The biggest news is that the latest Telus ads are showing the Milestone as “coming soon”…except in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. This would normally come as a pretty big shock to most, except this isn’t the first time this has happened. In fact, the grandaddy of them all, the iPhone 3GS, is STILL not available in these two provinces and there’s no way of knowing when that’s going to change.

So what gives? It’s the fact that there’s still no HSPA coverage there. The network just doesn’t see a point in selling a premier 3G phone in an area that can’t enjoy 3G. Some may beg to differ, but most North American wireless carriers have similar attitudes about selling 3G devices in non-3G areas.


While this information doesn’t get us any closer to knowing when the Milestone will launch, it at least confirms to us that it really is still on course for the early part of 2010. Let’s just hope those unfortunate souls in Manitoba and Sasketchewan will be able to join the fun sometime soon.

via IntoMobile

Author: Brad Molen

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