Nokia 5700 can run BlackBerry OS – video proves it

The 3-year old Nokia 5700 is, usually, running Symbian S60 3rd Edition – but I’m sure you already know that.

What you may not now is that the 5700 can run BlackBerry OS, too – more exactly, BlackBerry for the BlackBerry Pearl 8220.

A Chinese user (developer?) has somehow managed to port BlackBerry OS on his Nokia 5700, and has some photos, as well as a video, to prove it.

We don’t know if BlackBerry OS 4.6 is fully functional on the 5700, but it looks like it works fine. Check out the photos and video below:

Nokia 5700 BlackBerry OS 46

Nokia 5700 BlackBerry OS 46 2

Nokia 5700 BlackBerry OS 46 3

It looks real to me, so I don’t think this is a hoax or something alike. On the other hand, running BlackBerry OS on a Nokia 5700 is not very useful, either, but it surely is interesting!

Via maxpda, Cloned in China

Author: Ilinca Nita

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