T-Mobile’s Dark Project Returns; Adds Hype to HTC HD2, Moto Zeppelin Launch?

We’ve seen T-Mobile’s Dark Project before. Our last encounter with this mysterious “project” was back in October, when the so-called “Project Black” was building up hype for what was supposed to be huge game-changers. At the time we thought it may be launches for cool new handsets and new programs, when in actuality it was just a few rate plan changes. They were still pivotal, but nothing groundbreaking and certainly not worth all the hype the mystery gave it.

Turns out that the whole concept of a Dark Project is related to any confidential information that T-Mobile just doesn’t want to make public, not just one specific launch or program; this sadly deflates the whole hype machine that this mysterious program had going for it in the first place.

We thought the program was over and good, but it turns out we’ve just seen the beginning. Now the Dark Project is back again, and this time we’re likely going to see it actually coincide with some cool new handsets, such as the HTC HD2 and the Moto Zeppelin. Some training calendars showed up mentioning that the next Dark Project training begins February 17 and ends March 9. This would make complete sense, given the estimated launch date of the HD2 and Zeppelin are around March 10.


So is the Dark Project sequel all about the cool new handsets, or is it something trivial and unimportant? Or perhaps it’s another big change and this leak is trying to throw us off the scent? This all could just be coincidence, but we doubt it.

We’re keeping a close eye on this, so watch us for more info.

via Tmo News

Author: Brad Molen

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