Samsung plans to overtake HTC in smartphone sales this year

We already know that Samsung hopes to sell 270 million phones this year, 100 million of which may be touchscreen devices.

But Samsung’s ambitions don’t stop here. The South Korean company also plans to increase smartphone production and overtake HTC – currently the world’s fourth largest smartphone maker (after Nokia, RIM and Apple).

At the moment, Samsung is the world’s fifth smartphone manufacturer with a 3% market share. The company intends to sell about 18 million smartphones by the end of 2010 – up from 6 million in 2009.

Most of this year’s Samsung smartphones will be based on Android, although handsets with Windows Mobile and the company’s own Bada OS will also be introduced.

Samsung-M100s-Android-21 HTC

(Samsung M100s – the latest Samsung Android smartphone)

HTC is a smartphone maker by default (although it recently announced its first featurephone, the Brew-based HTC Smart), so it will be hard for Samsung to take its place in the smartphone market – especially since HTC will (probably) also increase Android handset production.

Via KoreaTimes

Author: Ilinca Nita

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