Most smartphones now have touchscreens; Android shipments grew 1074% YoY

Almost 30 million touchscreen smartphones were sold in the fourth quarter of 2009 worldwide (up to 138% year-on-year), meaning that 55% of the smartphones sold in said quarter were touchscreen-enabled.

This is the first time ever when touchscreen smartphones account for more than half of the total smartphone sales in a quarter.

According to Canalys, more than 75 million touchscreen smartphones were sold throughout 2009, while total smartphones shipments reached 166 million units.

The top touchscreen smartphone vendors in 2009 were:

  • Apple – 25.1 million units
  • Nokia – 22.3 million units (4070% year-on-year growth)
  • HTC – 7.7 million units
  • Samsung – 4.8 million units
  • Others – 15.8 million units

Touchscreen smartphones 2008 2009

When it comes to Operating Systems, Symbian is still the leader in smartphone sales (including non-touch devices, of course), with 78.5 million units shipped in 2009. Next are RIM, Apple, Microsoft and Android.

And speaking of Android, 7.7 million smartphones with Google’s OS were shipped in 2009 – representing a 1073% year-on-year growth – more than predicted in May last year by Strategy Analytics.

Smartphone market share 2008 2009

Android is expected to become the world’s no. 2 smartphone platform by 2013, beating iPhone OS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, but still trailing Symbian.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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