Motorola still leading the US mobile market, followed by LG and Samsung

Although Motorola is struggling for market share in Europe and Asia, it’s still the number one phone maker in the US.

According to comScore, which ranked handset makers “according to their share of current mobile subscribers age 13 and older,” Motorola had 23.5% phone market share in the US between September and December 2009, while LG and Samsung came second and third, with 21.9% and 21.2% market share, respectively. Nokia was in the fourth place (9.2% market share), while RIM’s 7.0% share put the company in the fifth place.

If we talk about smartphones, things are quite different.

RIM led the US smartphone market with 41.6% share. Apple came in second, with 25.3, followed by Microsoft (and its Windows Mobile platform) with 18.0%, and Palm with 6.1%. Google’s Android ranked only fifth, with 5.2% – but its market share almost doubled over the previous month.

Motorola-Droid-Verizon-December 2009

Other interesting findings: about 234 million people age 13 and older used mobile phones in the US in December last year. 63.1% of them used text messaging on their phones, 27.5% browsed the web, while 21.6% played games.

US market share phones December 2009

US market share smartphones December 2009

US market share content usage December 2009

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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