ZoomIt Enables SD Card Reader in iPhones

When Apple announced OS 3.0 last summer, one of the highly anticipated features was the ability to integrate Apple-certified third-party accessories into accompanying apps, thus giving the user a lot more possible functionality. Surprisingly, however, only a handful of devs have truly taken advantage of this opportunity. One company called ZoomMediaPlus is now showing off its newest product that utilizes this particular feature in the form of an SD card reader.

The reader, called ZoomIt, is a SD card reader certified to work with the iPhone and iPod Touch and will be available in April along with its brand new app. This reader will allow iUsers to store several types of documents; photos, music, videos, and even Office Docs (Word, Excel, PP, PDF) will be supported. The app that will come with ZoomIt will enable you to view and share these files via email, Facebook and Flickr, and also will let you transfer these files directly to and from your iDevice so you don’t need the card reader in all the time.


When it ships in April, the ZoomIt will be available for $59.95, though you can pre-order right now for $49.95.

We love seeing this kind of stuff available for the iPhone, as it truly helps increase its overall functionality.

via iLounge

Author: Brad Molen

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