Android 2.1 Coming in March to Motorola CLIQ, HTC Hero

Now that the Nexus One and Moto DROID are starting to get Android 2.1 love, it’s only appropriate that other Android devices follow suit at a leisurely pace. After all, what’s the hurry, right? Personally I wish all Android phones could get updated much closer together, as in the same month. All venting aside, we heard word today about two more devices getting 2.1 updates, the HTC Hero and Moto CLIQ, and both updates will be coming in March.

Not too many specifics on the CLIQ, but we did learn that the Hero will still have Sense UI installed and will feature a new widget called Friend Stream which aggregates users updates across different social networking services. It will also feature improved Exchange support and other random stuff.


The Hero update will come sometime Mid-March, while BGR’s sources were much more vague on when in March the CLIQ update would roll out.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem as though the US versions will be getting the same 2.1 love quite just yet, but I know that won’t stop many of you from just importing the ROM in. You don’t have to tell us; it can be your little secret.

HTC Hero via Engadget

Moto CLIQ via BGR

Author: Brad Molen

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