Google Buzz for mobile announced, integrates with Gmail, Google Maps

Google has just launched a new application/service called Google Buzz and available both for desktop computers, and mobile phones.

Google Buzz for mobile integrates with your Gmail inbox and lets you easily share web links, videos, photos and other kinds of content with your contacts. Moreover, Google Buzz ca use your location in order to identify nearby places – this way, you can attach places as location tags to your posts, or you can read what other users have posted about said places.

There’s also a Buzz layer for Google Maps – this lets users see buzz near them anywhere on the map, and post public buzz without exiting the maps application.

Google Buzz mobile

Google Buzz mobile 2

To try Google Buzz for mobile, visit the Google Buzz official website.

For the moment, Google Buzz for mobile works only with Android 2.0 (or newer) and iPhone OS, with versions for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian coming soon.

However, the Buzz layer for Google Maps works with Android and iPhone OS, as well as with Symbian and Widows Mobile handsets.

A video preview of Google Buzz for mobile can be watched below:

Via the Google Mobile Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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